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Find Your Career Connection Here is an article written by Career Coach and owner of Professional Courage, LLC, Kris McGuigan. This is the third of three articles Kris is providing for the benefit of our readers. Professional success is a real and significant component of personal fulfillment. If you aren’t satisfied by the work you are doing each day, life can feel pretty empty.  So w... [more]
Here is an article written by Career Coach and owner of Professional Courage, LLC, Kris McGuigan. This is the second of three articles Kris is providing for the benefit of our readers.3 ½ Steps to a Powerful LinkedIn ProfileI have said it before and I will say it again: LinkedIn is THE place to be in order to position yourself for career success. Why? Because that’s where the people a... [more]
Here is an article written by Career Coach and owner of Professional Courage, LLC, Kris McGuigan. This is the first of three articles Kris is providing for the benefit of our readers.Top Ten Tips for A Resume That Gets ResultsBeing proactive about your career goals is a critical, but often overlooked, element to long term success and fulfillment.  The job search process can be stressful to sa... [more]
By Randy Samsel As a long suffering Browns fan and executive recruiter, I am as frustrated with the current situation as anyone else. Time for a new GM and a new Head Coach. My business partner is a football coach for a local high school and knows infinitely more about football and coaching than I do. So my free advice is worth every penny. That said, looking from the outside in, seems like the ... [more]
By Randy Samsel    Many employers are struggling to find people who can help them reach their goals. In a survey of HR leaders by Ranstad Sourceright, 73% of HR leaders feel a “war for talent” is still a relevant description of today’s talent market. Innovative approaches to attracting talent are popping up and will benefit many employers, especially early adopters... [more]
By Randy SamselIn a recent Washington Post article, Accenture CEO Pierre Nanterme disclosed that the firm will be eliminating the annual performance review as well as the notion of forced rankings. This follows a similar move by Deloitte earlier this year. These are bold moves for massive, people-centric organizations. Why would they make such a move? Overall, it represents a shift from measuring ... [more]

Career Planning Guide

July 13, 2015

Talent Supremacy

June 9, 2015
By Randy SamselLeaders, Answer These Ten Questions For Talent SupremacyRecently I completed the Human Capital Institute's (HCI) program to become certified as a Human Capital Strategist (HCS). The program was awesome, as were the instructors and other participants. The tools and techniques we learned were practical and complemented the theoretical subject matter. I'll use all of what I learned to ... [more]

The Talent Magnet Quiz

March 16, 2015
By Randy SamselBy all measures, talent is becoming more difficult to attract. Competition for top talent is increasing and talented individuals are becoming more selective and discerning. In order to attract and retain top talent, organizations can benefit by becoming an employer of choice. What goes into becoming an employer of choice? How attractive is your company to talented individuals? Here ... [more]
By Randy SamselDoes this sound like your company?Your CEO says, “We need more talent!”Your employees say, “I have more to offer, but promotional roles are elusive.”Interested outside individuals say, “I have talent, but no one responds when I apply.”Talented individuals your company would like to hire say, “Why should I leave my current role to join your c... [more]
By Randy SamselMany, if not most accounting and finance grads envision a career leading to partnership in a CPA firm or a role as a corporate CFO. Academic programs provide excellent training in core technical accounting and finance functions in order to help students prepare for the rigors of a starting a career. Once a career starts, though, reality sets in and other factors become important for... [more]

Talent Trends for 2015

January 12, 2015
By Randy SamselJosh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte recently published his report on Talent Trends for 2015. In the report, Bersin identifies and discusses ten major categories of trends in the talent arena that will occupy and challenge talent professionals in the coming year:1. Engagement, Retention, Culture, and Inclusion Have Become Front Burner Issues  2. The Redesign of Performance Managem... [more]
By Randy SamselLast month at the Northeast Ohio Financial Executives International meeting R. Louis (Lou) Schneeberger, who is President & CEO of Panther Premium Logistics  gave a presentation about making the transition from CFO to CEO. For me, it was a fun and fascinating presentation. Mr. Schneeberger has had a very interesting career, starting in public accounting and working his way ... [more]
by: Randy SamselAccording to Daniel Hood, in an article in Accounting Today*, talent issues are the top three of ten issues that keep accountants up at night. For his article, Hood polled CPA firm leaders, regulators, association leaders and others to learn of their top concerns in these disruptive times. Here are the top three:1.    Staffing2.    The Next Generation ... [more]

The Six Step Career Plan

August 26, 2014
By Randy SamselComprehensive career planning is essential for professionals who are concerned with maximizing career growth. Yet many professionals rely on their employer for managing their careers, or worse yet, have no plan at all. How much time do you devote to planning your career? Here is a simple, six step process for planning and monitoring your career.1. Determine your starting point. Wher... [more]
By Randy SamselLast week I met with an HR Global Practice leader for a well-known consulting firm. This individual told me that his business is booming. He has engagements at various locations in the U.S., as well as engagements and proposals globally.  Much of his practice is split between outsourcing HR functions, HR and business change management projects, and staff augmentation. He has bu... [more]
By Randy SamselIn a previous post I discussed leveraging strengths to help differentiate ourselves in the job market. This differentiation is one of a three part job search strategy we recommend.  Here are the main elements of a sound job search strategy:1.    Differentiation2.    Branding3.    StorytellingDifferentiation is the starting point for ... [more]
By Randy SamselThe 2014 Global Assessment Trends Report from The Corporate Executive Board (CEB) provides insights into the growing perception of the strategic importance of HR. However, the report also points out a lingering disconnect between strategy and talent practices across the employee lifecycle. Here are four areas as examples:1.    Recruitment Branding – while a posi... [more]
By Randy SamselThe New Talent Management Network recently published their 2014 Talent Management Enablers and Blockers report. The report was produced through a comprehensive survey of talent practices from 237 participating companies. Major topics surveyed included support of talent agendas from CEO’s and HR; talent strategies and philosophies; accountability and transparency as it relates ... [more]
By Randy SamselMany seasoned professionals write their resumes and cover letters with as many skills and buzz words as possible, and list every area they ever worked in no matter how small and how many years ago. While that may be helpful for computerized keyword selection, it is not an effective approach for executive level job search. Hiring managers rarely look for generalists. Instead they loo... [more]