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When is the best time to look for a job? When you don’t need one! By Randy Samsel Are you currently employed, doing well in your job and happy in your career? If so, you are the ideal candidate for most hiring managers. So does that mean you should be actively looking for a better opportunity? No, but it never hurts to listen. So how do you evaluate the opportunities which come your way? T... [more]
By: Randy Samsel For some professionals, the job market has never slowed. For most, however, the last three years ranged from awful to now getting better. And recently, the demand for talent has improved dramatically. So what does this mean for you? Well, within the parameters of your career plan maybe nothing if you are progressing well. Meeting your career objectives and with a great company t... [more]
By: Randy Samsel In my line of work, I have the benefit of seeing hundreds of resumes on a regular basis. It is easy for me to compare and contrast. Our clients also provide feedback on resumes that we submit for open positions. The feedback also helps me evaluate resumes. Most individuals do a very good job on their resume, and there is an abundance of free information available about how to wr... [more]

The Career Two Step

November 4, 2013
By Randy Samsel We often talk with individuals who are unhappy in their current role and company. The reasons vary from long hours, to feeling underappreciated to believing their company is headed in the wrong direction. We also talk with individuals who have been downsized or otherwise lost their jobs. Many times people who are unhappy in their jobs are so disillusioned that they want to switch... [more]