Featured Candidates

  • Financial Reporting Specialist 4+ years of experience, CPA

    Responsible for financial reporting including all SEC; 10K’s & Q’s Prepares supplemental package Regulatory Compliance & Repor...[more]

  • Plant Controller 5 years of experience, MBA

    Forecasting, inventory evaluation & control, profitability management Established standard cost controlling functions for multi-national plants...[more]

Career Solutions

Candidates choose eSearch because we help advance their careers, not just find a job.
There is no cost or obligation to our candidates. Everything we do for them is held strictly confidential, and we only present their backgrounds with their permission.

What can you expect from eSearch?
Typically the process begins with a simple phone conversation. We want to fully understand your prior career experience and what you are ideally seeking in a new opportunity.

We are happy to work with “passive” candidates who are holding out for that ideal position. Just give us the chance to understand what it is so when it is available we will know to contact you.
Let’s meet for coffee or lunch to gain comfort with each other. We know you are busy and are open to working around your schedule. Once we have a thorough understanding of your background and future interests we will begin working for you. 

As new opportunities arise we will contact you and share information on the company, position, work environment, growth potential, etc.
Review the information presented and let us know your thoughts.
If you are not interested, give us guidance as to why so we can correct our search.

If you are interested, great! We will begin to help coordinate an initial meeting and prepare you on what to expect in the interview.

As the interview process continues, will provide valuable insight based on 50+ years of combined accounting/finance recruiting experience.

We will help you negotiate the best possible offer, set a start date, and assist in the resignation process.

Check out these tips to help negotiate a higher salary:  http://www.gradschoolhub.com/salary/