Featured Candidates

  • Financial Reporting Specialist 4+ years of experience, CPA

    Responsible for financial reporting including all SEC; 10K’s & Q’s Prepares supplemental package Regulatory Compliance & Repor...[more]

  • Plant Controller 5 years of experience, MBA

    Forecasting, inventory evaluation & control, profitability management Established standard cost controlling functions for multi-national plants...[more]

Talent Solutions

  • My boss is hard to please when it comes to finding talent
  • We have a permanent position that requires finding a specific skill set
  • We are having some layoffs coming and I want to help those employees land on their feet
  • I'm anticipating long-term growth and need to add to my staff now

  • I have a large project coming up that requires more staffing
  • I have a high turnover position
  • I need Big 4 talent, but my budget doesn't allow a permanent hire
  • Key staff will be out on short-term leave
  • I have a need in a location outside of NE Ohio
  • I need several project leaders across the country

  • I want to examine my talent strategy
  • I want to make sure my organization is staffed for future needs