eSearch Talent Solutions

eSearch Talent Solutions is on a mission to help organizations supercharge business results by creating a Competitive Talent Advantage.

A Competitive Talent Advantage is reached when the relationship between talent and leadership is based on trust, open communications and mutual best interests. Talent is aligned with organizational goals, and leadership actively develops people to reach their career goals. At this level, leadership, teams and people are fully engaged in helping an organization maximize potential and reach goals, creating unique business value and improving bottom-line results.

This is the top level of talent development, Level 4. The four levels are characterized as follows:

Level 4

Competitive Talent Advantage (defined above).

Level 3

Reciprocal Organization/Talent Agreement – Interest in aligning business strategy with talent strategy, moving toward Level 4 and making progress working toward open communication, trust and mutual best interests.

Level 2

Active Talent Development – Recognition of the value of people, with dedicated people investments. No alignment with business strategy and no talent strategy.

Level 1

Traditional Employer/Employee Model

Our Consulting Service Offerings are designed to help our clients move from Level 1, 2 or 3 into Level 4.


Using our proprietary WorkplaceNext Survey tool, we help clients determine the strengths and opportunities for their existing talent practices, including talent attraction, engagement and retention. The results of the WorkplaceNext Survey are reviewed with our client and used to develop specific action plans.

Action plans can include improvement goals for employment branding, candidate engagement, pipeline development, onboarding, coaching and mentoring, employee development, employee engagement and succession planning.

Monitoring and Coaching

At this phase, we help our clients track progress on action plans with periodic WorkplaceNext Survey assessments and course-correcting coaching. Frequency of monitoring and coaching sessions range from weekly to quarterly depending on the client’s situation.


We offer a variety of training opportunities ranging from Coaching and Mentoring, Career Development, Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills training. For a complete list, click here.

Strategic Talent Planning

Also known as a workforce plan, a Strategic Talent Plan is designed to help clients understand, anticipate, acquire and develop the people they will need – today and in the future – to reach their strategic goals. Dynamic and growing organizations will require leaders and talent for new and different roles, with new and different skills and competencies. A Strategic Talent Plan identifies those requirements and creates a roadmap to get there.

Competitive Talent Advantage Recognition

Organizations that reach an average WorkplaceNext Survey score of 90% for 3 consecutive quarters receive a Competitive Talent Advantage Badge. Badges are awarded annually thereafter.