eSearch Talent Solutions

eSearch Talent Solutions is on a mission to help organizations supercharge business results by creating a Competitive Talent Advantage.

Imagine a business owner trying to borrow from a bank, or sell the business without a strategic plan or financial strategy. Craziness, right?

All businesses have a strategy. Most have a financial strategy. Sadly, though, few have a talent strategy. What are the consequences? High turnover, low morale, thin leadership pipelines, toxic cultures, low productivity, ugly Glassdoor reviews, etc.

We help organizations create and implement talent strategies that produce sustainable success.

Our Talent Optimization methodology is a proven, data-driven process.

Step One – Diagnose

Using our proprietary WorkplaceNext Survey tool, we help clients determine the strengths and opportunities for their existing talent practices, including talent attraction, engagement, and retention. The results of the WorkplaceNext Survey are reviewed with our client and used to develop specific action plans.

Step Two – Design

In this step, we work with leadership teams to design the ideal organization structure, evaluate leadership team dynamics, and define and establish the desired culture.

Step Three – Hire

 Hiring is the lifeline for talent. Powered by data-driven and scientifically proven tools and assessments from the Predictive Index, we develop a hiring process that targets talented and motivated people who will execute strategies and produce phenomenal results.

Step Four – Inspire

This step builds on the previous steps by creating new career paths, developing leaders and high performing teams, and reinforcing culture. These actions build a strategic talent advantage and superior, sustainable results.

Additional  Services

Monitoring and Coaching

We help our clients track progress on action plans with periodic WorkplaceNext Survey assessments and course-correcting coaching. Frequency of monitoring and coaching sessions range from weekly to quarterly depending on the client’s situation.


We offer a variety of training opportunities ranging from Coaching and Mentoring, Career Development, Emotional Intelligence, and Soft Skills training. For a complete list, click here.

Competitive Talent Advantage Recognition

Organizations that reach an average WorkplaceNext Survey score of 90% for 3 consecutive quarters receive a Competitive Talent Advantage Badge. Badges are awarded annually thereafter.