Like every industry, executive search is being disrupted. Demand for talent is at an all-time high and companies need as much help as possible attracting and retaining great people. Traditional search services focus heavily on candidate identification and introduction, which is still important. However, clients now look for more.

In a January 2018 Forbes article, Joe Chappell, managing director, global marketing and communications at Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants, said, “Technology has impacted every aspect of search. Clients are now looking to search firms as strategic advisors who provide counsel on a broader basis. The profession, just as the industries it serves, now requires much more agility. In a fast-paced, ever-shifting business climate accelerated by technology, we have to be at the forefront to best serve our clients with expert advice and insights.”

The best candidates want an opportunity to control and expand the content provided to potential hiring managers, including emphasis on strengths, leadership capabilities and personality fit. On the other side, clients are increasingly looking for help selecting people who will make positive contributions and be aligned with the goals and values of their organization.

The good news for clients and candidates is that leading-edge firms are responding with digital platforms that provide confidential access to candidate-driven content including video, resume and strength statements as well as reference and assessment content provided by search professionals. In addition, search firms often bundle consulting services to help clients with onboarding and retention of those hired.

For candidates, that means no more reliance on a resume as the only representation of talent value (see the Fast Company article, 4 Reasons Why Resumes No Longer Work). For clients, the expectation is that search firms will help them make better decisions in a faster timeline.

Not to be left behind, we have introduced the eSearch Executive Search system to provide the best features clients and candidates seek. Our new system improves new employee retention, takes the guesswork out of the hiring process and provides 24×7 access.

Bundled with our eSearch Talent Solutions and Leaders on Demand, that means no more talent shortages or chronically open requisitions. No more postponing growth plans due to lack of leadership. No more unhappy employees or scary Glassdoor reviews. No more uncertainty about future talent supply. With eSearch, you can grow your business with confidence and WIN the war for talent!

– Randy Samsel, Founder & CEO

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