As a long suffering Browns fan and executive recruiter, I am as frustrated with the current situation as anyone else. Time for a new GM and a new Head Coach. My business partner is a football coach for a local high school and knows infinitely more about football and coaching than I do. So my free advice is worth every penny.

That said, looking from the outside in, seems like the Browns may have hired a few coaches who never had a chance to succeed. Are the Browns in such a bad situation that they can’t attract a top notch coach? Perhaps a performance-based job description will help. Let’s try this on for size:

Guaranteed Selection to Pro Football Hall of Fame

NFL Head Coach – Cleveland Browns

We are a storied franchise in the NFL and are in a turnaround situation. When you succeed in this role, your next stop will be just down the road – in Canton!


This role will report directly to the owner, who is totally committed to bringing a championship to Cleveland. During the first year the owner will rely on you to:

• Start the journey toward excellence by setting the tone for unwavering work ethic and team-first commitment to winning.
• Create, develop and implement talent programs and practices to support and enhance the results-oriented culture, as well as drive results – wins!
• Integrate into the senior management team and weigh-in on all strategic decisions, including instilling a championship culture for the entire organization.
• Improve quality and performance in recruitment, succession planning, training, player relations and culture development.

Beyond year one we will work with you to set goals and milestones to put us – and keep us – on track for a Super Bowl win by 2020.

Candidate Profile

Your football coaching experience is essential for this role, as well as documented success leading a winning team and building a sustainable, winning culture. We will look for additional evidence of your accomplishments and fit which may include professional football experience as a player, major college head coaching experience and an unquenchable desire to win!


This looks like a lot – and it is. This is a key role and will provide a career capstone opportunity. The compensation and other incentives will reflect the level of the role and contribution level sought including a generous base salary and bonuses tied to reaching goals.

In addition, the successful candidate will win the hearts and adoration of a football crazed fan-base that extends around the world! Pull this off and the H.O.F. is a shoe-in.


If you envision yourself succeeding with these goals, have the background we seek and are open to a new challenge, we should talk. If your commitment and desire is for anything less than a championship, no need to inquire.

Jimmy Haslam doesn’t know me from Adam, and has already hired a search firm to help him with the process so I will not sit by the phone waiting for his call. Even so, I can only hope the Browns will find a coach who has a much better chance to succeed.

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